76 Watertown Road
Second Floor, Suite 2i
Thomaston, CT

Wednesday Mornings: 7:00-8:00am Power Yoga with Meditation and Reiki

Power Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga that pairs fitness and flow. However, what’s unique about this particular class is that is will no doubt build the internal heat, increase stamina, strength and flexibility; it is paired perfectly with a peaceful period of meditation and reiki to enhance mindfulness and release stress. This class is appropriate for the intermediate and advanced yogi.


Thursday Nights: 7:15-8:00pm Gentle Yoga with Meditation and Reiki

The perfect Trio-gently move your body, rest your mind and release your emotions during this 45 minute refreshing practice that will leave you feeling appropriately THANKFUL! This class is appropriate for all yogis.


With yoga you are opening the gateway to create an inner balance that leaves you feeling grounded, refreshed and strong.


Spin Class

Thursday Nights: 6:15-7:00pm

Get ready to sweat bullets during this 45 minute POWER spin class! We’ll be putting the pressure on those pedals, pushing, pulling and putting it ALL IN! Some songs we will sprint, some we will climb, some songs we will dance and some songs we will incorporate IT ALL! This is such a fun way to boost your cardiovascular strength, relieve stress and end your day feeling EMPOWERED! All finish levels are welcome because this is YOUR RIDE!