“Reiki helps me stay grounded during times of uncertainty by quieting my ego mind to trust that all is happening in Divine order.” – P.G.


“Reiki has really brought me in tune with myself. The self that I sort of ignored and forgot about with the changes and challenges that life brings. Reiki has allowed me to tap into my own inner wisdom more easily. That has brought me much peace and more happiness so that I have more ease and awareness to enjoy each day through a different perspective instead of just getting through the day to day of life.” – R.L.


“I feel clear and balanced. I am able to move through my life with the energy and clarity I need to feel… at peace.” – S.G.


“Reiki has been a constant in my life since it’s entered it. It has taught me when you can let go and trust the process of life will unfold in the most beautiful ways and when you can’t let go quite yet, there’s space being held for you when you are ready. There’s nothing meant for you that you are going to miss.” – E.D.