Feed the People

Starts May 3, 2021
Ends May 17, 2021

07:00 - 07:00



This is a virtual workshop for the body, mind and soul! You can be anywhere & receive the benefits. Caitlin Lassy, from Colorado and Melissa Howard, from New Hampshire will be leading you on this 3 week journey. The first week you can expect an e-mail in your inbox with the extraordinary Caitlin Lassy leading you in an invigorating yoga practice. Each day of week one you will be guided through a gentle practice of asanas (yoga poses) that will help you to bring your awareness to the featured chakra of the day. Have no fear, if yoga isn’t your thing, Caitlin has created modifications that will cater to all. During the second week Melissa Howard will graciously take the lead. Each morning your inbox will hold a guided meditation led by Melissa. True to form, they will focus on the featured chakra of the day. The third and final week Melissa and Caitlin will virtually come together to offer you herbal tea recipes and self-care tips that will guide you inward to connect to your soul.