Bridge to Healing

Starts March 20, 2022
Ends March 26, 2022

07:00 - 01:00

Copal Retreat Center Riviera Maya, Mexico.

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Connect, Relax, and Learn About how to Intentionally Bridge the Gap of Healing with Clinical and Spiritual Practices in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Are you ready to be guided and healed so you can be of greater service to others?

If your soul is calling you to reconnect and recharge your passion for helping others, this 6 night, 7 day trip at the Copal Retreat Center is the perfect place for you to let go of strongholds that no longer serve you or your clients and realign with your soul’s purpose.

The Bridge to Healing retreat is designed with purpose and intention to serve those who have been called to the helping professions. We want to create a true understanding of what holistic healing entails for you and your clients. This transformative experience will remind you of what it means to play, relax, and heal so you can be the best version of yourself as you continue to create impact for others.

Join us to share in the joy of helping others by committing to helping yourself first. We cannot pour from an empty cup and this retreat is meant to fill your cup until it is overflowing onto others around you.

This retreat is intended for Yogis, Spiritual Quest Seekers, Therapists, Counselors, Reiki Practitioners, Life Coaches, Doctors, Nurses, and Helpers. We are seeking a community of people who are committed to coming together to be authentic and vulnerable while supporting each other as we access our highest self.

Are you seeking:

Personal and professional growth that expands past your “schooling”

Release limitations on your energy that keep you ‘stuck’

Align your values with others like-minded healers

Learn how to manage your own energy in order to exit the burnout cycle helpers are so prone to

Practice what you preach and engage in radical self care

Get out of your comfort zone in order to spiritually, mentally, and energetically recharge


Retreat Hosts:

Melissa Howard, owner of Balance Within You

Melissa started her journey with meditation and spirituality in 1997. After many years of personal practice, she felt the calling to help others. She began researching and trying to figure out the best way to do this and in 2008, she found Reiki. Melissa began to use Reiki on herself, family, friends and animals. Now a Reiki Master, Melissa has become a full time healing practitioner where she incorporates her many modalities of training into her sessions. Her passion for helping others has evolved to not only giving Reiki sessions, but also teaching Reiki, meditation, chakra classes and many other workshops to empower the community.

Melissa is a yoga teacher as well. Her personal yoga practice helps her to feel supported in her holistic approach to life. Melissa studied herbal medicine and works with herbs and flower essences to heal emotional and physical issues through a natural approach. She is an aromatherapist so using essential oils in her sessions is common. After studying with a Celtic Shaman, she does shamanic drum journeys on her own. Melissa is certified in Craniosacral therapy and Reflexology.

With all of these modalities, coming to Melissa for a reiki session is very unique and truly unforgettable. Melissa knows that Spiritual evolution is endless and one is always a student. She continues to educate herself in modalities that are natural, healing and beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

Jill Griffin, LCSW, LADC, owner of Inspire Recovery

Jill knew from an early age that she wanted to be a social worker, not really knowing what that path meant for her. She started her own healing journey in 2004 and reconnected with her soul purpose of helping others. As she has encountered people with indescribable pain and unbelievable stories of survival, she has expanded her definition of what recovery means for the individual.

Jill specializes in substance abuse/misuse and co-occurring mental illness but has recognized the need for people to reconnect to their own soul purpose. She incorporates ancient wisdom in her therapy work while also balancing clinical techniques and modern medicine practices. She is a Reiki II Practitioner who is dedicated to transforming our system of mental health and substance abuse treatment to meet the client where they are and create sustainable inner healing for the person. Healing doesn’t always have to be a linear process and it doesn’t always have to be so serious… we can’t forget to laugh and have fun through the process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What airport do we fly into?
Cancun International Airport. The airport is about an hour away from the retreat location.

Will transportation be provided from the airport?
Yes, transportation will be provided between the airport and the retreat. Retreat guests are recommended to get a flight that lands in Cancun between 2-4pm in order to organize the shuttles for all guests.

There will also be a departure shuttle from the retreat location for a 10am departure to Cancun Airport. If you would like to use this shuttle service, plan your flights accordingly. Otherwise, you will be responsible for your own transportation expenses.

Is food included?
Yes. All meals and snacks will be provided except for 1 lunch while we are in Tulum and 1 dinner the last night out on the town.

Will there be alcoholic beverages included in the package?
Alcohol will not be provided at the retreat center since the learning and healing practices we will be engaging in requires us to be fully present and of sober mind. During the excursions into town, it will be your own expense and choice if you consume alcoholic beverages at that time. While we understand that this trip will also serve as a purposeful vacation for most of you, we do ask that you ask yourself what purpose alcohol will be serving you and request that you don’t allow overconsumption to affect your ability to participate in the next day’s activities. This is for you and other participants benefit to get the maximum benefit of the retreat experience.

What if I have special dietary restrictions?
Food can be prepared for any dietary restriction. Please list any food allergies or dietary restrictions in your application.

Are excursions included?
Yes, we will visit the jungle cenotes and Mayan ruins, the cost of the retreat include transportation, entrance fees, and passes to both of these excursions.

Do I need a COVID test to travel?
We will be monitoring the CDC guidance for international travel as we get closer, but things may change before departure. As of right now, a negative COVID test result is required to travel back into the USA and those will be organized and provided by the retreat center prior to departure. At this time, vaccinations are not required for travel.

If this retreat is speaking to your soul, fill out the application below to reserve your spot today. There are limited spots available and you will not want to miss out on this transformative trip of a lifetime. We are looking forward to meeting you!