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Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

Welcome to Balance within You

We specialize in mind, body and spirit wellness. Our studio offers aroma therapy, chakra classes, chakra balancing,  craniosacral therapy, crystal therapy, energy healing, reiki, reflexology, shaman journey work, spiritual life coaching and yoga. We are pleased that you have found an interest in balancing your mind, body and spirit. Taking care of you is the first step in a balanced life. We will help you stay committed and focused on creating a balanced life full of healthy experiences, relationships and journeys. You deserve and you are worthy to become a balanced spirit who respects and accepts yourself. Honor yourself by allowing you to heal with the help of Balance Within You.

About Melissa

About Melissa

Melissa started her journey with meditation and spirituality in 1997. After many years of personal practice, she felt the calling to help others.

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