Sunday October 8th


Restorative Class at Lam Yoga

Hurley Business Park

37 Greenwoods Road, New Hartford, CT 06057 


Join Melissa for a special restorative practice at Lam yoga in New Hartford. Spend Sunday morning opening your heart and settling into your body as Melissa guides you through asanas (poses) to restore your body, mind and spirit. In this busy world it is important to slow down and connect to your body.  As you find yourself in poses with time to notice your physical body, you will be encouraged to modify and adjust the pose to work for you. As you create time between each thought, you will leave this class with a sense of inner peace and calm. Come restore with Melissa.



Charym Yoga Studi0

174 West Street Litchfield, CT

Wednesday nights

4:30-5:30pm Gentle Flow
This class is geared towards the person that is looking to move their body with ease and intension while moving gracefully through asanas. As you take time in each pose, pausing to sink deeper into breath, gaze and physical alignment, you will feel the transformation within. Allowing yourself time in your practice to slow down and focus will help you to gain flexibility not only in your body, but in your life. This class welcomes the new as well as the seasoned yogi. No matter the ability level, this class guides you in a way that serves each individual and their mental, physical and emotional needs in that moment.
5:45-6:45pm Power Vinyasa
This class is geared toward the person that is looking for a physical work out while connecting the body, mind and spirit. At a steady pace Melissa will guide you through a flow that allows you to focus on physical form and alignment, but it won’t stop there! She will inspire you to take your practice deeper than just your body. Through your gaze, your focus and your breath you are opening the gateway to create an inner balance that leaves you feeling grounded, refreshed and strong.