9 Week Chakra Course

Stay tuned for Spring dates!



10:00 am-1:00pm

 177 Prospect St, Torrington, CT

$265 paid in full o r $35 paid each week

All are welcome! No experience or understanding of the chakras needed! 
Each week at Balance Within you, Melissa will help you create a relationship with each of your chakras. Over the course of these 9 weeks you will gain an understanding of  the seven major chakras, starting with the root and ending with the crown. You will learn the relationship between chakras and essential oils, crystals, affirmations, mantras and mudras as well as characteristics of a chakra that is over active and under active. In the process, you will learn how to bring your chakras back into balance. Learning about the chakras will help you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your needs and your relationships with others. This class has been the gateway to a spiritual journey that opens the students eyes to a greater understanding of the world around them and how they fit into it. This class of 6 to 8 people is kept small for the purpose of ease of learning and expressing one self in a group of supportive people. Over the course of these 9 weeks you will gain an understanding of each chakra, but the true magic is the knowledge you will gain about yourself!  Space is limited so please call or text to let us know you are interested. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot.
PLEASE RSVP text to 203.525.5269 saying
“Hi, this is___________. I would like to sign up for the 9 week chakra course.”

Intensive 7 MONTH Chakra Series

GO DEEPER! Coming in May 2018! Keep your eye out for details!

We will meet one weekend a month to explore the chakras in an in depth format to expand your knowledge. The 9 week chakra course is required before taking this intensive series.

Women’s Sacred Circle


The first Tuesday of every month 

177 Prospect Street

Torrington, CT

(Unless otherwise noted)



All ladies welcome! 
 Our mission:
To create unity and friendship.
 We aim to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for women to gather each month to feel supported and experience new opportunities.  Each month we start by opening the group with smudging and reiki. We move into time to share about what’s on our minds, followed by setting our own personal intention.  We focus on spiritual growth through discussion, meditation, creating and learning ways of staying happy, healthy and positive.
PLEASE RSVP text to 203.525.5269 saying
“Hi, this is___________. I will be attending the women’s group.”



Reiki Certification Classes






Reiki Level One : Friday April 20, 2018


Pre-registration is required.

$245 (this includes The William Lee Rand $20 manual fee for level 1 & 2)

Melissa also has a manual that she has created as an easy reference guide that is also included in the above price

Class Highlights:
Smudge Ceremony
Talking stick time
Candle of intension
Guided Meditation
History of Reiki/Usui Lineage
What is Reiki & how does it work
Reiki Level One Attunement
Hand positions
Practice time on others and yourself
Final meditation to close our time together
Fresh spring water, herbal tea and light snacks are complimentary!


Reiki Level Two:  Friday May 18, 2018


Pre-registration is required.


 $225 (pre requisite: Level One)

Class Highlights:

Smudge Ceremony
Talking stick time
Candle of intension
Guided Meditation
Basic overview of the chakras
Reiki Level Two Symbols and their meanings
Koki-Ho: using Reiki with breath
Jacki-Kiri Jika-ho: the process of cutting negative energy from objects
Gyoshi-ho: reiki with your eyes
Enkaku Chiryo: Sending distance reiki through a picture or by writing the persons name on paper
Reiki Level Two Attunement
Practice time

 Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Intensive Intuitive Course 

Reiki Master Teachers: Melissa Pressmar  &  Carly Hilliard

unnamed                 Dates to be determined.



$1300 Early Bird Special (Paid in full by…)

 $150 per class paid each week


Cost includes ART manual, Full binder of materials we cover each week & ART Reiki Certification.

This course is an in depth training that will certify you in Reiki Level Three (ART) and also dive deeper into healing as a whole. You will learn about smudging, smudge fans, meditation, sacred breath work, crystals and healing their healing properties, distance healing with crystal grids and much more. This class will help you to get in touch with your intuition and form a deep sense of trust with yourself. You will also connect with the inner child inside of you that is looking for attention, affection and healing.  Along with meeting for 3 hours each week you will be required to do home study/self care of the Inner Child through meditations and journaling. It’s time to let go and move forward with ease and grace. This is a 7 week intensive course that will not only connect you with your fellow peers,  but it will connect you deeply with you! Step into your power and let go of fear.