Intensive Intuitive Training
Awakening Your Intuition
August 3rd & 4th
Saturday and Sunday
Invite a friend to sign up with you and each receive $20 off
177 Prospect Street Torrington, CT 06790
RSVP to reserve your spot- or 203-525-5269
This course is for anyone who is new to the field of understanding energy and wanting to awaken their intuition as well as those who have taken Reiki and energy healing courses. You will go home feeling renewed with a profound heightened awareness.
What will you learn and experience through this 12 hour course?
• Learn and practice seeing auras
• Open and Clear your Crown Chakra
• Understand your intuitive gifts and how to strengthen them
• Understand the Elements and how to work with them
• Experience breath work that will transform and raise your vibration
• Learn to connect to your own spirit guides and power animals for guidance
• Learn how to heighten your senses to feel and understand energy around you
Join Melissa Howard
Carly Sensenbrenner
For an intensive journey into
The power of your intuition








Friday, July 26th

6:30-8:00 pm

March Farm Bethlehem, CT 


On top of the WORLD!  That’s how you’ll feel a’ top one of the highest points on March Farm in Bethlehem.  As you gaze over the vast endless horizon everything will feel different. Your perspective shifts, your stress blows away with the breeze, your senses ignite, and your spirit awakens!
It gets better.  Not only will the magnificence that is Mother Nature surround your body, it’s energy will slowly enter your being and in doing so will release negativity, stress, & tension.  You will feel light, you will feel alive, you will feel on top of YOUR world!

This 90 minute session will begin with a guided meditation by the divine Melissa Howard.  After minds are cleared Rosemary Petruzzi will ground us all with the unparalleled sound of the Gong.  After our bodies are cleansed by both guided meditation and Gong we will all have a turn to sit upon the enormously stunning white rock to set our newly rediscovered intentions.
The power of this workshop can not be described!  It must be experienced!  Get ready for your world to be ROCKED… in a good way!
Please bring a heavy quilt to sit upon as the grass can be a bit prickly in the field.


Friday, August 23rd

6-7:30 pm

March Farms, Bethlehem, CT


Upon your ‘Floating Yoga Mat’ enjoy a summer evening with Melissa. Never been on a paddleboard before or done yoga on a paddleboard? It’s OK! Melissa will guide you through the basics of paddle boarding and give you time to “play” before beginning the practice.
Moving on a paddleboard gives you the opportunity to loosen up by recognizing a not so ironic connection – when your movement softly begins to reflect the same effortless flow of the water beneath you, your movement flows effortlessly as well. Can this practice teach you something about life? ABSOLUTELY!  

By releasing rigid control and leaning into the journey life can be fun and flow with ease!!
Don’t have a board?   No worries, for just an additional $25 you can rent one.  We’ll pick it up and return it for you.



Friday, September 20th


March Farms, Bethlehem, CT 

🎶 Don’t Worry, about a thing… cause every little thing, is gonna be alright 🎶
That’s right, it’s time to let go of it all… expectations, insecurities, to-do’s, resentment, overwhelm, etc. and just flow with the song of Mother Nature, the gentle encouragement of her breeze, the warm of her sun, the tickle of her green carpet upon your feet & experience an overcoming feeling of TRUE freedom. Melissa will guide you through a blindfolded, free form dance that will allow your body to release any stuck energy. Through organic movement and flow you will let go of any emotions and thoughts that don’t serve you.  As you carry on into the evening and beyond you will feel light, alive, creative, and connected!


Friday,October 25th


March Farms, Bethlehem, CT

Join Melissa on a beautiful fall night creating warmth in body & soul as you move through a vigorous, power yoga practice. Get connected with your own inner fire!
Our Air and Fire practice will conclude with a Potluck dinner.  If you choose to stay simply bring a dish to enjoy around a glowing campfire with the Akasa community.  Feel free to BYOB as well if you’d like.
Please bring your own yoga mat to each necessary practice and remember that it can get buggy at the end of the day so come prepared.  
$100 for the Entire Series
$30 for Individual Practices
If you need to rent a paddleboard please purchase accordingly

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The Chakra Experience:

Are you interested in the Chakras and want to GO DEEPER?

Here is your chance!


The first weekend of every month (Friday night and half day Saturday)  we will explore one of the chakras, starting with the Root Chakra and seven months later we will end with the Crown Chakra. Have no fear, it is not required to attend every month. This is an “a la carte” type of class. You can pick and choose what exactly you want to take part in.


The first Friday of every month Melissa will be at a different yoga studio teaching a one hour class based on yoga poses that support the chakra of that month. Not a yogi? No problem! You do not have to attend that piece of the experience.


On Saturday, Melissa will lead an experience helping you connect deeper to the featured chakra. Every month will be different. We will be experiencing silent hikes, tea in the woods, learning how to love and respect ourselves, sound healing and so much more! The locations will change depending on which yoga studio is hosting that month and if the workshop is inside or hosted by Mother Nature (outside).


If you’re a Yogi looking for a practice that specifically relates to a certain chakra, the Friday night chakra experience will allow you to explore which ever chakra you are interested in learning about.

  Perhaps you are interested in having an experience that will help you connect deeper to one of your seven major chakras. Well then, join us on Saturday for the workshop designed to do just that.


Quick break down:

February: Root Chakra, LAM Yoga, New Hartford  THANK YOU LAM! 
March: Sacral Chakra, Blue Dandelion Yoga, Winsted THANK YOU BLUE DANDELION! 
April: Solar Plexus, Akasa, Thomaston THANK YOU AKASA!
May:Heart Chakra, Charym, Litchfield THANK YOU CHARYM!
June: Throat Chakra, Ed Cleveland, Gong Bath, Bhogah Yoga Studio, Wallingford, CT THANK YOU BHOGAH!
July: Third Eye: Woodbury Yoga THANK YOU WOODBURY YOGA!! 
August: Crown: Salt of the Earth Spa, Woodbury, CT  


Crown Chakra Experience
Salt Cave meditation
August 3rd
8:00am – 9:00am
Pre-registration by 
There are only 9 seats for this workshop, so don’t wait to sign up!
Call 203.525.5269 
Enjoy the Crown Chakra Experience in a Salt Cave. Melissa will start this experience with a brief description of the Crown Chakra, a meditation followed by the playing of the gong. From there you will find yourself in a blissful, calm state of mind perfect for reclining back in your zero gravity chair, covered with a blanket to encourage the highest level of peace and calm. 


Reiki Certification Classes






Reiki Level One :


Pre-registration is required.

$245 (this includes The William Lee Rand $20 manual fee for level 1 & 2)

Melissa also has a manual that she has created as an easy reference guide that is also included in the above price

Class Highlights:
Smudge Ceremony
Talking stick time
Candle of intension
Guided Meditation
History of Reiki/Usui Lineage
What is Reiki & how does it work
Reiki Level One Attunement
Hand positions
Practice time on others and yourself
Final meditation to close our time together
Fresh spring water, herbal tea and light snacks are complimentary!

Reiki Level Two: 


Pre-registration is required.

$225 (pre requisite: Level One)

Class Highlights:

Smudge Ceremony
Talking stick time
Candle of intension
Guided Meditation
Basic overview of the chakras
Reiki Level Two Symbols and their meanings
Koki-Ho: using Reiki with breath
Jacki-Kiri Jika-ho: the process of cutting negative energy from objects
Gyoshi-ho: reiki with your eyes
Enkaku Chiryo: Sending distance reiki through a picture or by writing the persons name on paper
Reiki Level Two Attunement
Practice time



 Advanced Reiki Training (ART)  & Reiki Master Training


 Intensive Intuitive Course with Melissa Pressmar & Carly Hilliard

    • Smudging, smudge fans & aura clearing 


    • Meditation & transformational breath work 


    • Crystal healing and distance healing with crystal grids 


    • Channeling & mediumship


    • Healing the inner child 


  • Shamanic journey to connect to your guides

This class will help you to get in touch with your intuition and form a deep sense of trust with yourself. You will also connect with the inner child inside of you that is looking for attention, affection and healing.  Along with meeting for 4 hours each week you will be required to do home study/self care of the Inner Child through meditations and journaling. It’s time to let go and move forward with ease and grace. This intensive course will not only connect you with your fellow peers,  but it will connect you deeply with you! Step into your power and let go of fear.