Giving is the secret of abundance. – Sivananda

Melissa started her journey with meditation and spirituality in 1997. After many years of personal practice, she felt the calling to help others. She began researching and trying to figure out the best way to do this and in 2008, she found Reiki. Melissa began to use Reiki on herself, family, friends and animals. Now a Reiki Master, Melissa has her own Reiki studio in Torrington, CT. Her passion for helping others has evolved to not only giving Reiki sessions, but also teaching Reiki, meditation, and chakra classes. Melissa is a yoga teacher as well. Her personal yoga practice helps her to feel supported in her holistic approach to life. Melissa studied herbal medicine and works with herbs and flower essences to heal emotional and physical issues through a natural approach. She is also an aromatherapist and studied for two years under a Celtic Shaman. With all of these modalities, coming to Melissa for a reiki session is very unique. Melissa knows that Spiritual evolution is endless and one is always a student. She continues to educate herself in modalities that are natural, healing and beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. Please stay up to date with Melissaʼs schedule of classes and other offerings by clicking here.